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  • Brainware developed several game level editors for the early 3d games for personal computers back in 1996 and 1997.


  • Descent Mission Builder I - Edits levels for Descent from Interplay/Parallax

  • Descent Mission Builder II - Edits levels for Descent 1 and Descent II from Interplay/Parallax

  • Brain patch (used to distribute update patches)

  • Descent Levels of the World Windows Launcher - Add on pack from Interplay

  • Various Descent Tools

    • DROP - Descent Random Object Positioner

      Block Generator  - Mathematically generates models for Descent Levels

Other Projects:

  • Klingon Academy Mission Builder - Edits levels for "Klingon Academy" from Interplay. However, Interplay elected not to ship this editor with the game.

  • Forsaken Mission Builder - Sales of the game were not as expceted and the Mission Builder development was shelved.

  • Descent Mission Builder III - Brainware has elected not to aid in the development of this product.

Technologies Used:

  • Custom 2d and 3d graphics rendering engines including Anti-aliasing, transparency, texture mapping, and shading.

  • Software written in C++ in Borland's Turbo C++ originally ported from DOS to Windows.

Company Information:

  • Owner / Programmer: Bryan Aamot

  • Location: Long Beach, California, USA

  • Email Address:

Brainware is a registered fictitious business name of Bryan Aamot in Los Angeles County, California.

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