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Download the Demo

The Descent Mission Builder II demo is the same as the released version of the editor except that it limits the size of the levels that can be saved.

Click here to download ( - 1Meg)

Download the Upgrade

This upgrade is FREE* and it adds dozens of new features to the editor including:
New Hog Manager, New Mission Manager, Autoload Last Level, Additional Safety Features, Shaded Texture Mapping, High Resolution Mode, Animated Textures, Better Texture Alignment,
Better Custom Texture Support, Favorite Textures, Pasting Multiple Textures, Point Marking, New Check Boxes in Preferences, Point Editing, Undo, More
Tool Bar Functions, Block Cut & Paste Auto-Join Feature and Quick Paste, Join / Unjoin Current Sides, Mode Selection via Arrow Keys, Vertigo Robot
Support, Advanced Object Editing, Robot Editor Changes, Objects and Secret Return, Highlight Colors and Objects, Robot Wireframes, Blinking / Exploding
Lights, Texture Lighting, Reset View, Bug fixes, and Hot keys.

Click here to download ( - 982K)
*Note: Requires original version of the Descent Mission Builder II.
Where the Editor can be found

Descent - The Vertigo Abyss

Vertigo Series / Mission Builder II
For those of you who already own Descent II, this is the package for you.

Descent - The Infinite Abyss

Descent 2 / Vertigo Series / Mission Builder II

The Descent Definitive Collection

Descent / Descent 2 / Levels of the World / Vertigo Series / Mission Builder II
Contains 3 Disks and an Instruction Manual:

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